Five Valuable Tips on How to Grow Your Own Organic Marijuana or Pure Healthy Food in Small Spaces Without soil, Using one of the Most Advanced Hydroponic Systems Made

All consumable plants require the same basic needs to grow healthy, nutritious and tasty. They need sunlight (preferred) or strong grow lights, water, air for both the leaves and roots, and nutrients to feed the plants. Too much or too little of any of these necessities slows or stops growth and inhibits flavor. So you ask, "How can I grow my own at home without all the hassle and without harmful toxic chemicals?"

The more natural the growing process, the better and more nutritious your fruits, veggies, herbs or medicinal cannabis will taste. Since medicinal pot now sells for over $300 per ounce, why not grow your own at home faster, safer and more affordably? The price for one ounce of pot is much more than the price of the Veggie Garden2go growing system--which can grow up to four full size weed plants at a time, or dozens of leafy greens, herbs and root plants like potatoes, carrots or beets. Watch for the upgraded hybrid version coming soon.

1. For the purest, safest, best tasting, safe medicinal cannabis, food or herbs grown at home, don't use synthetic man-made chemical toxic fertilizers, additives or pesticides. They will be absorbed by the plants and can change the taste, stunt growth and be passed on to the user which could be dangerous.

This recent story from NBC news dramatically shows how most commercially grown pot in California is contaminated and harmful to users even after the sellers said it was safe to use. Use pure inorganic dissolved natural earth mineral nutrients like Tower Tonic available at the Tower Garden online store because they have all the macro and micro nutrients all plants require, are easier and safe to use, less expensive and have no oil-based chemicals or toxins that contaminate food and reduce taste.

Organic plant food is not always "pure" and usually needs a variety of expensive additives and microbes to help break down the living matter so it ultimately becomes inorganic, then the plant can eventually absorb as nutrients. Living things like humans and animals eat organic nutrients, but only plants can consume inorganic, or non-living nutrients.

2. Avoid earth soils since most have minimal natural plant nutrition and often are contaminated or toxic. Aeroponic systems use no plant medium or soil and hydroponics use non-earth, sanitized plant medium like coco fiber to hold the roots. Roots are better aerated and will grow faster, much larger, and healthier in both types of systems using only 1/10 the water and space, as it is shown in the photos below. However, it is best to avoid growing plants larger than 3' tall because of root, trunk and leaf crowding.

The left photo shows four young pot plants in our outstanding solar Veggie Garden2go hydroponic growing system, now being updated to a new type of hybrid growing system. Plants were grown with Tower Tonic pure dissolved inorganic minerals in a controlled outdoor greenhouse, but can also be grown outdoors without a greenhouse and indoors under grow lights.

3. Grow outdoors in sunlight if possible because good grow lights are expensive to buy and use, and will never match the intensity or complete light spectrum of sunlight, even on cloudy days. Midday sunlight has over 10,000 foot candles of light, while grow lights only have 1,000-2,000 foot candles and are deficient at providing enough lower plant illumination. Plants will always grow larger, healthier and faster in sunshine.

4. Use the most advanced complete aeroponic or hydroponic growing systems like these to simplify and speed the growing process--especially in small spaces. They are much easier to use than growing in the ground because problems like ground pests, over or under watering, and too much or too little plant food is eliminated. Food grows as much as 50% faster in much smaller spaces using only 10% of the water when growing hydroponically or aeroponically.

For best results, use only natural dissolved inorganic minerals for plant nutrition and check and adjust PH to 5.5-6.5 at least once a week after the water has been added.

5. Only use organic plant sprays like neem or spinosad oil to control plant pests or diseases. Chemical sprays contaminate the food and user and often inhibit healthy growth. Healthy plants resist pests and mildew much better than sick plants.

Questions? More info? Please contact Deris Jeannette by using this email link: deris@towergardener.com

-Please check below for more details on all these valuable tips and look at a full size Tower Garden growing system.

Here is a look some of the healthy food plants grown in our Veggie Garden2go growing system with a giant carrot on the left, full size red potato plants in the center and a giant raddish on the right. All are grown in coco fiber (ground coconut husk) and natural Tower Tonic nutrients in tap water.

It is a compact, ready-to-use gourmet medicinal pot, vegetable, fruit and root food plant growing system that can be used outdoors in the sun or indoors under grow lights. It is self watering because it uses a timer that turns the low power pump on and off so water is re-circulated and not drained away.

Besides weed, you can grow many types of veggies including beets, carrots, potatoes, melons, flowers and most other vegetables in it, using the best, purest natural plant food available--Tower Tonic dissolved minerals (explained more below) in tap or pond water, stored in the lower container and circulated with an included solar powered pump. Four to six medicinal cannabis plants can be grown at a time in a sunlit space as small as 3' x 3'.

Residents of Colorado, Washington state, California, Oregon, Alaska and Washington D.C. can legally now buy and grow recreational and medicinal marijuana, and adults are allowed to grow a small amount of pot plants in a private, locked space. Well over twenty states in the US, now permit medical and recreational pot growing at home. Check the local regulations in your state by clicking here, then click on number 6 in the left column.

Veggie Garden2go is about to be replaced with our upgraded aeroponic/hydroponic Tower Hybrid growing system so check back here for more exciting details in coming weeks.

The perfect growing companion to the Veggie Garden2go is the aeroponic vertical Tower Garden, explained below. Plants grow 30-50% faster and larger than any other way of growing. For more details, click here or copy this email address (deris@towergardener.com) for more details, availability and pricing.

The The Tower Garden vertical aeroponic growing system from Juice Plus+ Company is, in our opinion, the most advanced, best designed non-soil food growing system made for non-root plants, as well as the easiest to set up and use. Bush-type plants like pot should not be grown in Tower Garden because of the large root and trunk size. Smaller plants are suggested

And like the Veggie Garden2go, it is the most efficient in water and power use, plus it includes the purest Tower Tonic natural dissolved minerals which are used to feed the plants. It's been on the market for over six years and is now being used at home and for large scale commercial growing. Because it has limited root and trunk space, we suggest not using it to grow pot.

For upcoming public Tower Garden or Veggie Garden2go demonstration dates in Temecula, California, including our monthly introduction to Tower Garden and JuicePlus+, and to purchase a wide variety of hundreds of organic/non-GMO edible Tower Garden seedlings (left below) in San Diego by appointment, or any TG related questions contact San Diego distributor and trainer Deris Jeannette at: deris@towergardener.com or call him at 619/990-7977.

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